3 Reasons to Choose Glenwood Canyon Resort for an Outdoor Wedding

After the momentous occasion of agreeing to marry the love of your life, the task of nailing down wedding details begins. Regardless of whether you plan to get married soon after getting engaged or waiting for a couple of years, settling on a venue is one of the toughest aspects of the wedding planning process. If you’re privy to the mountains of Colorado or the Colorado River, we’ve got some great news for you! Glenwood Canyon Resort makes couples’ outdoor wedding dreams a reality. Check out three reasons why you should choose Glenwood Canyon Resort for your special day. 

Fantastic Venues

From mountain vistas to panoramic views, Glenwood Canyon Resort will serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding. For ceremony venues, our East End and West End riverfront locations are stunning and will see you tying the knot on the banks of the Colorado River surrounded by large trees and tranquil sounds. 

Additionally, the Canyon Club Outdoor Terrace offers 5,000 square feet of space and amazing views. Plus, the outdoor terrace features the No Name Bar located in the corner of the terrace. Easy access to this cabana type bar makes it easy for wedding guests to grab the drink of their choice and get back to the festivities. Regardless of the venue you choose, your wedding will be resplendent with mountain luxury. 

Spectacular Food & Catering

At Glenwood Canyon Resort, we remove the hassle of having to secure a separate catering service by providing our own food options. The chefs at the No Name Bar & Grill utilize their full-service banquet kitchen to turn out some amazing dishes for your event. From scrumptious appetizers to delicious main courses, the culinary team at Glenwood Canyon Resort is ready to tackle your wedding food wishes. No matter if it’s a breakfast buffet, Latin cuisine, or your own unique vision, our team is ready to help you decide and execute your wedding menu with grace. 

On-Site Amenities for Destination Weddings

For couples traveling to Colorado for their wedding or having guests fly in, they can easily spend a weekend with their closest friends and family to keep the celebration going. You can partake in the many activities we have to offer here at Glenwood Canyon resort, like our zipline adventure course or white water rafting on the Colorado River. Additionally, you’ll have access to recreational trails that run along the resort so you can enjoy a relaxing hike or bike ride. 

When the sun goes down, your party will have access to the No Name Bar & Grill where you can dine on exquisite food, sing karaoke, and enjoy a few drinks with those you love on your wedding weekend. 

Celebrate Your Outdoor Wedding at Glenwood Canyon Resort

Glenwood Canyon has a lot to offer for a phenomenal wedding experience. No matter if you only plan on staying just a few nights with us or make this your wedding vacation and stay a bit longer, we’ll make the experience seamless. Want to learn more about our wedding packages or simply have questions for us? Contact us today and we’ll fill you in on the finer details.

4 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Wedding in Colorado Unforgettable

Planning an outdoor wedding in Colorado takes patience, attention to detail and plenty of communication. From choosing the perfect lighting to selecting floral centerpieces that accentuate the dining tables, every detail counts. Whether it’s unique cuisine, dramatic decor or a breathtaking venue, there are so many ways to make your wedding absolutely unforgettable.

1. Choosing the Right Wedding Entertainment

Consider the size, venue, and ambiance of your wedding when thinking about live entertainment. If you’re looking to really impress your guests, think beyond a DJ or live wedding band. There are all types of live entertainment for an adult crowd or a family-focused wedding, such as magicians, caricaturists, fire performers, singing waiters and more. Having not-so-common wedding entertainment is sure to be talked about by your guests for years to come. 

Of course, a talented DJ or wedding band who can liven up the party is sure to make for an unforgettable wedding night just as well. 

2. Personal Touches on Your Wedding Day

Personalized wedding vows are an excellent way to create a memorable ceremony. This is the time to express how you’re feeling and leave a lasting impact. Whether you choose short and funny wedding vows, emotional vows or something deeply personal, your words are sure to be remembered.

3. Open Bar + Signature Cocktails 

While an open bar is always a crowd-pleaser, it can be a bit of a pocket burster for some couples. If it’s not in the budget, opt for a wine and beer only bar. By removing liquor as an option and keeping your bar open to just beer and wine, guests can still enjoy sipping on delicious, free drinks. A cash bar for liquor is also a popular option, allowing your friends and family to have cocktails without you having to foot the bill. 

For couples who want to splurge on an open bar, signature drinks or a specialized menu is a fantastic way to make your wedding memorable.

4. Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is key when it comes to presenting the “wow” factor. With a state as beautiful as Colorado, there are plenty of locations to choose from. Look for places that can accommodate the number from your wedding guest list, see if the venue has ample room for guests to eat and drink, walk around and mingle, and, of course, dance. If your wedding is during the afternoon, keep an eye out for what the lighting is like. Lastly, how are the views? Your view is one of the biggest attractions at your outdoor wedding, so consider your options carefully. 

Host Your Outdoor Colorado Wedding With Us at Glenwood Canyon Resort

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor wedding venue in Colorado, check us out here at Glenwood Canyon Resort. We’d love to show you around and fill you in on all the little details that will make your big day incredibly special. Interested in getting in touch? Give us a call at (970) 945-6737!

4 Tips for Throwing a Mountain Wedding

Mountain weddings are iconic. There’s nothing like choosing a venue that simply speaks for itself. Sure, you want everything to be just right from the table settings, to the general set up, to the food your guests will be eating, but there’s no denying gorgeous mountain views while celebrating your nuptials. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several tips you can utilize for pulling off a mountain wedding for the ages. Let’s dive in and take a look. 

Create a Top Three List

No two couples are exactly the same, so sit down with your fiance and go over your top three must-haves for the wedding. You might be surprised that you both agree on an open bar and great food, but disagree when it comes to the band and decor. Finding a balance and narrowing down the most important aspects of the wedding together can work wonders when it comes to keeping things on the same page for the big event. Besides, this wedding is celebrating your relationship so ensuring you’re both getting what you hoped for is a must. 

Choose the Right Venue

While this may seem obvious, choosing the proper venue is typically one of the hardest parts of the entire wedding planning process. Your venue is where your guests will sit, where you’ll say “I do” to your partner, where you’ll take a majority of your wedding photos, and is generally the backdrop to your entire event. Considering that, choose wisely. 

At Glenwood Canyon Resort, we offer four stunning venues for our wedding guests. Two are situated along the banks of the Colorado River, one is indoors with the option of moving onto an outdoor terrace, and the fourth is the outdoor terrace itself. The outdoor terrace with the option to move indoors is great for weddings where the weather isn’t looking too agreeable for your big day. 

Plan for the Weather

Speaking of weather, the weather in Colorado, particularly the mountains, can be a bit all over the place. Due to this, it’s important to genuinely plan for the weather to go awry. While everyone hopes for a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate their outdoor wedding in the mountains, it’s not always in the cards. 

So, work with your wedding planner to concoct a weather plan. This includes how you’ll communicate with your guests, vendors, and wedding party. Hope for the best weather possible but definitely plan for the worst-case scenario. 

Remember the Essentials

There are a few items that are absolute essentials when it comes to having an outdoor wedding. Firstly, if you’re having an outdoor wedding in Colorado, make sure you have water consistently available to your guests. Between the general elements, the drinking your guests will be doing and the altitude, ensuring your friends and family are well hydrated is a must. 

Additionally, sunscreen is important. If the day of the wedding is looking to be a spectacularly sunny day, having sunscreen on offer to your guests can go a long way. Trust us, spending time in the sun in mountain elevations can do a number on your skin if you don’t take the right precautions. So, help your guests take care of themselves! Lastly, to ensure mosquitoes stay away from your guests, have bug spray on offer too. 

Celebrate Your Nuptials at Glenwood Canyon Resort

There are numerous aspects, both big and small, of the wedding planning process to keep in mind when getting everything together. Keep our suggestions in mind as you compose the mountain wedding of your dreams. Interested in celebrating with us here at Glenwood Canyon Resort? Get in touch with us about our wedding packages! Give us a call at 800-958-6737 to get the process started. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Outdoor Wedding

When it comes to weddings these days, it feels like there are too many options to choose from. In essence, your wedding day is about bringing everyone you care about together to witness a momentous moment in you and your partner’s life together. The moment, however, can get bogged down with costly location rentals, food items half the group isn’t thrilled with and tacked on extras.

With all that in mind, let’s go over a few reasons as to why an outdoor wedding might be the perfect fit for you. Check them out below. 

Scenery Galore

There are so many gorgeous outdoor locations to host your wedding. Whether it’s beachside, near a lake, on a rooftop, or in a garden, you have plenty of options to choose from regarding your vision and interests. At Glenwood Canyon, we offer spectacular panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado River runs right through the resort property. 

The great thing about outdoor venues is there is often a lot of space for your guests, meaning you don’t have to worry as much about the number of guests you can invite to your nuptials. Don’t forget, an outdoor wedding venue also lends itself to some amazing photographs for both you and your guests. When it comes to atmosphere, it’s hard to beat an outdoor location. 

Decoration Freedom

Indoor wedding venues can be restrictive when it comes to decorating for your wedding. If you’re finding it hard to nail down a location that fits your vision, an outdoor space might be the best option for you. 

After all, an outdoor wedding is all about freedom. Depending on your theme, you can bring your own furniture for decorating or choose more thematic items like hay bales for a country wedding theme. If you plan on having a heavily themed wedding, consider an outdoor space so you’ll have more opportunities to arrange things as you see fit. 

Food Flexibility

Lastly, outdoor weddings give you the chance to plan your own food menu. When choosing a hotel or hall, you often have to choose from set menus and only have the option of your chosen location’s chefs. When you choose to have an outdoor wedding, you can create your own menu and select your own catering company. So, you’ll not only be able to choose all the food you’d like but you can also decide how long the food is served too. 

Considering this, plan the ultimate feast for you and your guests. Being able to pick and choose the food you’d like to eat at the wedding will also ensure all guests are happy and well-fed. When it comes to weddings, keeping everyone happy and pleased is part of the success and outdoor weddings are sure to tick a lot of your boxes. 

Have an Outdoor Wedding at Glenwood Canyon Resort 

Interested in throwing an outdoor wedding? Get in touch with us here at Glenwood Canyon Resort! You can get in touch by calling us at 800-958-6737. We look forward to planning with you.

Face Your Fear of Adventure at Glenwood Canyon Resort

Just because life is sometimes scary doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace the challenge. Build your fear-conquering skills with aerial and river rafting adventures at Glenwood Canyon Resort.

We’re all familiar with what fear does to us physically and emotionally. We can’t think clearly, and we often feel anxiety and go weak in the knees. Fear is something to be avoided, right? Wrong. Facing your fears is empowering and it tells your psyche that yes, you’ve got this. Build your fear-trouncing muscles by getting out of your comfort zone at Glenwood Canyon Resort near Glenwood Springs and face your fear of adventure.

Make Facing Fears Fun

In addition to riverside camping in Glenwood Canyon, the Colorado RV, cabin and glamping resort also offers adrenaline-filled activities that go a long way toward helping you face your fear of adventure. Overcoming your fears is like lifting weights—it makes you stronger and more resilient. The zipline course, high ropes adventure course, rock-climbing wall, and whitewater rafting at Glenwood Canyon Resort will help you put fears in their proper place—under your control.

Trust Your Team

For the activity team at the Glenwood Canyon Resort Adventure Center, providing a safe and fun-filled adventure experience is their number one priority. Whether you are zipping back and forth across the Colorado River, balancing on a tight rope 40 feet in the air on the High Adventure Ropes Course or barreling through rapids whitewater rafting in Glenwood Canyon, the resort’s experienced adventure outfitters will equip you with all the necessary safety gear and provide both instruction and encouragement.

Build Nerves of Steel: Ziplining, High Ropes & Climbing Wall

What scares us is stepping out into the unknown—it’s also what’s most thrilling. If you’ve never ziplined before, you might have to build up your courage to leap from the Glenwood Canyon Zipline Adventure platform high above the Colorado River. When you do, you’ll briefly feel yourself (and your stomach) drop, then the zipline catching you and supporting your weight. Before you know it, you’ll be flying like an eagle across to where a guide awaits to ensure a firm-footed landing on the opposite platform. The High Adventure Ropes Course, with its many suspended elements, is another way to flex your mental and physical muscles. When you’re finished, you’ll feel alive, present in the moment and most importantly, like you can conquer the world!

Learn to Go with the Flow: Whitewater Rafting

If you’re the type who’s afraid to give up control or reluctant to deal with whatever life might happen to throw at you, get some practice by signing up for a rafting trip with Defiance Rafting at Glenwood Canyon Resort. The river has some life lessons to teach—pay attention, be a team player, and ride the wave to calmer waters! Expert guides will steer you through roiling whitewater in narrow chutes on the Colorado River. Even though your raft guide is a pro at reading the river, you’ll still need to do your part by paddling through rapids with names like Tombstone and Man Eater. After making it through all the holes and waves the river pitches your way, you can be confident to know that you’re better equipped to deal with even bigger challenges.

Build Fear-busting Habits this Summer at Glenwood Canyon Resort

Learn more about Glenwood Canyon Resort activities and make reservations today.

Luxury Glamping Comes to Glenwood Canyon Resort

Defined as glamorous camping, “glamping” is an accommodations style that melds closeness to nature with comfort amenities. Above all, though, glamping is an experience—one that’s now available at Glenwood Canyon Resort near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Outdoor adventure and creature comforts are not mutually exclusive at Glenwood Canyon Resort, where overnight lodging now includes glamping options. Glenwood Canyon Resort, the only camping resort located along the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon, is adding luxury glamping tents which will be available to book for summer 2019.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to enhance the camping travel experience for our guests,” Kathy Schneider, co-owner of Glenwood Canyon Resort, said. “Our cabins and cottages have been a wildly popular choice, especially for families. We anticipate the glamping tents will be a hit with couples who want a Colorado camping experience with an element of romance.”

What to Expect from Luxury Glamping in Glenwood Canyon

Indeed, the resort’s glamping tents provide a cozy nest for two in an unmatched setting. Built on a wooden platform beneath tall trees with a view of the Rocky Mountains and soaring cliffs, the large canvas tents feature French doors which you can throw open to the outdoors or shut for privacy. A luxurious king-sized bed is the focal point of the space, with linens, pillows, and towels provided. There’s also a desk and living room area; electrical outlets and nearby wifi hotspot make it easy to recharge and stay connected. No need to worry about a spike in summer temps either—the resort’s glamping tents are air-conditioned for maximum comfort.

Enjoy your morning coffee or an after-dinner drink on the elevated deck of your glamping tent, where outdoor furniture invites you to kick back and watch the world go by. A firepit and picnic table at each glamping site is the perfect spot for iconic camping activities—roasting marshmallows and enjoying an al fresco meal. The bathhouse has facilities and showers for men and women and is located conveniently close nearby.

What to Do on Your Glamping Trip

Spend the daytime hours exploring Glenwood Canyon or nearby Glenwood Springs. Sign up for on-site activities at the Adventure Center. Rafting season is in full swing and the resort is currently booking both full and half-day rafting trips. Ziplining and the High Ropes Adventure Course are also on the property and can be combined with rafting for added value and savings. Ideal for hiking or biking, the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail passes right by the resort; go for a simple stroll or miles of pedaling.

If hiking to Hanging Lake is on your itinerary, remember to make reservations in advance. The new permitting and shuttle system require some planning but will enhance the hiking experience by reducing the number of visitors to the well-loved National Natural Landmark.

Feel free to pack a cooler with your favorite drinks and snacks, though you can always pop into the on-site restaurant, the No Name Bar & Grill for lunch or dinner. Pull up a chair on the deck for great views and tasty food, including appetizers, salads, burgers or even ribs, plus roasted chicken, grilled salmon or pork loin!

Just because you’re camping, it doesn’t mean you have to rough it. Make your Glenwood Canyon Resort glamping reservations today.

Things to Do in Glenwood Springs in Spring & Summer

colorado in spring

With the arrival of warmer days, the variety of things to do in Glenwood Springs, Colorado grows, especially for those staying at Glenwood Canyon Resort, the only camping and overnight accommodations in scenic Glenwood Canyon.

Rising temps not only warm the earth and foster the budding of native trees, shrubs and flowers along the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon, but longer days also provide increased opportunities for recreating and relaxing at Glenwood Canyon Resort — the premier riverside Colorado camping and cabin destination located just minutes from Glenwood Springs.

“We follow nature’s lead,” Glenwood Canyon Resort Co-owner Kathy Schneider said. “Glenwood Canyon wakes up in the spring and so does the Resort when activities like rafting and ziplining are back in play.” With the Colorado River flowing literally just steps away, water sports are a prime pastime at the camping and cabin resort, but a spike in temps also opens other possibilities for outdoor fun.

On-Site: Colorado River Rafting

Making reservations for your Colorado rafting trip couldn’t be any easier, especially for those staying at Glenwood Canyon Resort. Defiance Rafting operates on site and offers several options for whitewater thrills. Half-day trips are the most popular choice. This paddling adventure has it all—raucous rapids, laid-back floats and stunning scenery.

On-Site: Ziplining & High Ropes Adventures

Not all river fun takes place in the water—some flies high above it! For an adrenaline-pumping good time, Colorado Adventure Center offers several options, such as an Express Zip for fast fun and a Happy Hour Zip Ride that includes a post-zip food and drink discount. The Resort’s high ropes course is another option that’s fun for all ages. Test your balance and bravery!

Nearby: Hiking in Glenwood Canyon

The Jess Weaver Trail located just off-property follows No Name Creek. The tough granite rock here makes it a popular destination for climbers too. Grizzly Creek Trail is renowned for its creek-side picnic spots. The most notable trail is the one to Hanging Lake. As of May 1, 2019, permits are required for hiking. The new reservations system is easy to navigate and will help preserve this natural wonder for future generations.

Nearby: Biking in Glenwood Canyon

The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path is a 16-mile-long multi-use trail that connects Glenwood Canyon Resort with Glenwood Springs and all the sights and stops within the canyon itself. Pedal the entire length or just a portion. The paved trail follows the contours of Colorado River; it’s ideal for both road biking and mountain biking.

Nearby: Hot Springs Soaking

No visit to the area would be complete without a hot springs experience —Glenwood Springs has three to choose from: Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, a historic hot spring known as the world’s largest; Iron Mountain Hot Springs, which features 16 soaking pools of varying temperatures; and the Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves, home to the rare phenomenon of underground, vapor-filled caverns.

Even More Nearby

Need more suggestions to round out your spring and summer itinerary? Add in the following as time allows: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, a Glenwood Vaudeville Revue show, massage and spa treatments and a guided fishing trip; there’s also an array of choices for dining and shopping.

Learn more and reserve your tent, RV camping site or cabin (and soon glamping accommodations) at Glenwood Canyon Resort today.

Cozy Cabins Part of Glenwood Canyon Allure

cozy cabin interior

Your basecamp for Colorado adventures begins with a Glenwood Canyon vacation rental along the Colorado River, near Glenwood Springs.

Glenwood Canyon is an unrefuted Colorado beauty. With its rugged limestone cliffs, cycling and hiking trails—including the famed Hanging Lake—copious fishing holes for catching Rainbows and top-notch whitewater rafting, it’s an all-natural stunner. Exploring all the things to do here, however, is easier when your basecamp is a conveniently-located cabin vacation rental nestled right in the middle of all the grandeur.

Stay in the only cabins in Glenwood Canyon

The narrow, steep-walled, 16-mile-long canyon carved by the Colorado River isn’t exactly accommodating to real-estate development. It’s part of the reason this area remains pristine and unspoiled. In fact, there is only one location where guests can overnight. In addition to tent and RV camping, Glenwood Canyon Resort welcomes visitors to stay awhile in its cabins that are functional, family-friendly and, of course, cozy.

The resort is tucked along the north-side bank of the Colorado River and features three kinds of cabin vacation rentals. With varying levels of creature comforts, each offers a fun and affordable alternative to a boring hotel room.

Pick the Glenwood Canyon Resort Cabin that’s right for you

Resort Cabins are perfect for larger groups and can easily accommodate a family of five. Kids adore the sleeping loft which overlooks the main living area. A kitchen, including a fridge, four-burner stove and microwave is also stocked with dishes and cookware to make meal prep a breeze. After an adventure-filled day, kick back on a full-sized sofa, watch your favorite TV show and cozy-up to the fireplace for added ambiance. Bringing your four-legged bestie is no problem either—several resort cabins are designated as “pet-friendly.” Craving a steak or burgers done just right? Resort Cabins are the only ones to feature a gas grill with every unit.

Cottages are the newest addition to Glenwood Canyon Resort. Slightly smaller than the resort cabins, with soaring 14-foot ceilings, cottages still feel spacious and can comfortably sleep up to four with a queen bedroom and a sleeping loft for two. An efficiency kitchen is ideal for guests who want to be able to make easy-to-prep meals; it includes a fridge, microwave and coffeemaker. Instead of cooking dinner, head to the resort’s on-site restaurant the No Name Bar & Grill or try one of the many options for dining in Glenwood Springs. Like the Resort Cabins, the Cottages also have televisions and a full bathroom.

Camper Cabins are the most rustic choice. These sweet little dwellings keep things simple yet provide shelter and the security of a locked door. Inside, you’ll find just what you need—a double and twin bunk beds—but remember to bring your own linens or sleeping bag. One of the most charming features of the these is the covered porch with either Adirondack-style chairs or a log porch swing. While camper cabins don’t have bathrooms, restroom and shower facilities are close-by. Camper cabins are available in two locations: riverfront or woodland. As you might expect, the riverside camper cabins book up quickly, so reserve early.

Book your Glenwood Canyon cabin vacation rental today

To experience the beauty of Glenwood Canyon and the Colorado outdoors, set up your basecamp today with a cozy cabin rental at Glenwood Canyon Resort.

Why You Should Have Your Outdoor Wedding in Colorado

A photograph of a couple enjoying their outdoor wedding in Colorado.

Find the perfect venue for your outdoor mountain wedding at Glenwood Canyon Resort along the shores of the Colorado River in beautiful Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Wedding in Colorado

If you’ve always dreamed of tying the knot in an outdoor wedding ceremony, Glenwood Canyon Resort in Glenwood Springs is a laid-back, picture-perfect Colorado wedding venue for nature lovers. These tips will help you plan the Rocky Mountain wedding you’ve always envisioned:

Is the venue available?

The best places to get married in Colorado book up quickly; Glenwood Canyon Resort is no exception. Save the dates by contacting the resort’s experienced wedding specialists as early as possible.

Is it the right size?

The number of people on your guest list will impact where your outdoor wedding in Colorado takes place. With four ceremony venues available for nuptials, Glenwood Canyon Resort can accommodate a range of group sizes.

  • The Canyon Club Grand Room in the Canyon Club Event Center seats 80 people comfortably. It opens onto the spacious Canyon Club Terrace, an expansive deck that overlooks the Colorado River. The Terrace also features the No Name Bar, a natural gathering spot for post-ceremony cocktails.
  • The most sought-after wedding venues at the resort are the two riverfront locations. The East End is spacious and tranquil; the West End, surrounded by tall trees, is a favorite locale for wedding photos. Both sites offer knockout backdrops of the cliffs and river in Glenwood Canyon.

Is it affordable?

Costs can add up quickly. Glenwood Canyon Resort can customize wedding packages to suit your budget.

Is there on-site catering?

Planning an outdoor wedding in Colorado can get tricky if on-site food service is not available. In-house catering eliminates food-related hassles and stress. The chef at Glenwood Canyon Resort can prepare a menu that appeals to your taste and style— whether that’s perfectly prepared bacon-wrapped filet mignon or something more laid back, like a fajita bar with all the fixings.

Are there nearby accommodations?

Your guests will need a place to stay, especially if they are traveling in from out of town. Part of what makes Glenwood Canyon Resort an ideal destination wedding venue is its fun and unconventional accommodations. As a full-service campground, wedding guests can pitch a tent or pull up in their RV. They’ll never forget the time they bunked in the rustic riverside camper cabins or slept in a tiny-house-like resort cabin. Your guests with kids will fall in love with resort’s cozy new cottages that comfortably sleep a family of four. And for the bridal party, the Canyon Club Suites, two spacious condos, are upscale and beautifully-appointed—an elegant, elevated space for pre and post-ceremony celebrating.

Is the venue accessible?

If it requires hiking boots, a backpack or a four-wheel drive to reach, you might want to rethink your venue. Always keep your guests in mind when choosing outdoor wedding locations in Colorado. Centrally located, just off I-70 at the No Name Exit, Glenwood Canyon Resort is an easy drive from major cities and airports in Denver, Colorado Springs or Grand Junction.

Are there activities for guests nearby?

Your outdoor wedding in Colorado can also be an opportunity for your guests to enjoy a mini-vacation of their own. Pick a place with lots of things to do in the vicinity. On-site activities at Glenwood Canyon Resort give guests the opportunity to conveniently book rafting trips, zip line excursions, and high ropes adventures! In Glenwood Springs, just two miles away, they can also enjoy hot springs, spas, nightlife, entertainment, shopping and more.

Get started planning your Colorado mountain wedding at Glenwood Canyon Resort – call us today!

The Best Camping in Colorado

glenwood canyon resorts

Like real estate, a great camping experience is all about location, location, location. A stunning natural setting, proximity to local attractions and exceptional campground amenities are features to look for when choosing a Colorado camping destination.

Find your perfect Colorado campground. Where you pitch your tent or park your RV sets the scene for your entire camping trip. The ideal campground is surrounded by stunning scenery and it’s easy to access yet sufficiently secluded. Campsites with top-notch amenities and those that are part of an activity network are the ones worth seeking out.

Seek Out a Dramatic Backdrop
In the Colorado Rocky Mountains, camping is all about the views. Glenwood Canyon Resort is the-one-and-only campground located in Glenwood Canyon—a geological natural wonder known for its steep, soaring cliffs, whitewater rapids, Hanging Lake trail and the rail route of the Amtrak’s California Zephyr. In fact, it was the staggering beauty of Glenwood Canyon that inspired the original design of its Vistadome railcar! Glenwood Canyon Resort also has the added good fortune of being nestled along the bank of the Colorado River, a highly desirable setting that provides access to river activities like rafting and kayaking. Thanks to its prime location, campers at Glenwood Canyon Resort can soak up the scenery and play on the river with ease.

Do Camping Your Way
Always remember, there isn’t one right way connect with nature. Look for a campground that offers options suited to your family or group’s needs. And, don’t let not owning a tent or a trailer stop you from enjoying a Colorado camping experience. Glenwood Canyon Resort is one of the few places that caters to campers of every type—pitch a tent, pull up in an RV, bunk in a rustic cabin, glamp in a cozy cottage. For honeymooners or firm non-campers, the resort’s fully-furnished luxe suites are just for you. Unlike the state’s overrun national parks, Glenwood Canyon Resort’s private campground is easy to reserve; best of all, you don’t need to plan six-months-to-the-day in advance.

Go Beyond the Basics
Campground amenities can make or break a camping trip. When choosing a location, be sure to check out what’s available or included with your stay. Glenwood Canyon Resort, for example, includes full hookups, water and a sewer for RVs; there’s a playground for kids, laundry and shower facilities and free WiFi on site. But it’s the over-and-above extras that make this campground stand out. During the summer months, when you want to forgo meal prep or relax in a social setting après adventure, the resort’s on-site restaurant serves lunch, dinner and drinks on a patio that overlooks the river.

Stay For The Fun
While camping has benefits all on its own, it’s the activities that you engage in on your camping trip that become the standout experiences. When planning your Colorado camping trip, make sure there’s plenty to do at and away from the campground. At Glenwood Canyon Resort, an outdoor adventure center that books thrill-centric excursions including whitewater rafting trips in Glenwood Canyon, as well as rents inflatable kayaks, is on site. Ziplining and high ropes adventures are also based right at the campground.

If that’s not enough, Glenwood Springs is located just two miles west. Soak in the town’s fabled hot springs, visit the grave of gambler-gunslinger John “Doc” Holliday and explore the underground landscape at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. There’s also dining, spas, nightlife and more, all just minutes away.

Plan Your Glenwood Canyon Resort Camping Trip Today
For a virtual tour and to plan your best Colorado camping trip, visit Glenwood Canyon Resort.