4 Tips for Throwing a Mountain Wedding

Mountain weddings are iconic. There’s nothing like choosing a venue that simply speaks for itself. Sure, you want everything to be just right from the table settings, to the general set up, to the food your guests will be eating, but there’s no denying gorgeous mountain views while celebrating your nuptials. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several tips you can utilize for pulling off a mountain wedding for the ages. Let’s dive in and take a look. 

Create a Top Three List

No two couples are exactly the same, so sit down with your fiance and go over your top three must-haves for the wedding. You might be surprised that you both agree on an open bar and great food, but disagree when it comes to the band and decor. Finding a balance and narrowing down the most important aspects of the wedding together can work wonders when it comes to keeping things on the same page for the big event. Besides, this wedding is celebrating your relationship so ensuring you’re both getting what you hoped for is a must. 

Choose the Right Wedding Venue

While this may seem obvious, choosing the proper venue is typically one of the hardest parts of the entire wedding planning process. Your venue is where your guests will sit, where you’ll say “I do” to your partner, where you’ll take a majority of your wedding photos, and is generally the backdrop to your entire event. Considering that, choose wisely. 

At Glenwood Canyon Resort, we offer four stunning venues for our wedding guests. Two are situated along the banks of the Colorado River, one is indoors with the option of moving onto an outdoor terrace, and the fourth is the outdoor terrace itself. The outdoor terrace with the option to move indoors is great for weddings where the weather isn’t looking too agreeable for your big day. 

Plan for the Weather

Speaking of weather, the weather in Colorado, particularly the mountains, can be a bit all over the place. Due to this, it’s important to genuinely plan for the weather to go awry. While everyone hopes for a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate their outdoor wedding in the mountains, it’s not always in the cards. 

So, work with your wedding planner to concoct a weather plan. This includes how you’ll communicate with your guests, vendors, and wedding party. Hope for the best weather possible but definitely plan for the worst-case scenario. 

Remember the Essentials

There are a few items that are absolute essentials when it comes to having an outdoor wedding. Firstly, if you’re having an outdoor wedding in Colorado, make sure you have water consistently available to your guests. Between the general elements, the drinking your guests will be doing and the altitude, ensuring your friends and family are well hydrated is a must. 

Additionally, sunscreen is important. If the day of the wedding is looking to be a spectacularly sunny day, having sunscreen on offer to your guests can go a long way. Trust us, spending time in the sun in mountain elevations can do a number on your skin if you don’t take the right precautions. So, help your guests take care of themselves! Lastly, to ensure mosquitoes stay away from your guests, have bug spray on offer too. 

Celebrate Your Nuptials at Glenwood Canyon Resort

There are numerous aspects, both big and small, of the wedding planning process to keep in mind when getting everything together. Keep our suggestions in mind as you compose the mountain wedding of your dreams. Interested in celebrating with us here at Glenwood Canyon Resort? Get in touch with us about our wedding packages! Give us a call at 800-958-6737 to get the process started.