Face Your Fear of Adventure at Glenwood Canyon Resort

Just because life is sometimes scary doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace the challenge. Build your fear-conquering skills with aerial and river rafting adventures at Glenwood Canyon Resort.

We’re all familiar with what fear does to us physically and emotionally. We can’t think clearly, and we often feel anxiety and go weak in the knees. Fear is something to be avoided, right? Wrong. Facing your fears is empowering and it tells your psyche that yes, you’ve got this. Build your fear-trouncing muscles by getting out of your comfort zone at Glenwood Canyon Resort near Glenwood Springs and face your fear of adventure.

Make Facing Fears Fun

In addition to riverside camping in Glenwood Canyon, the Colorado RV, cabin and glamping resort also offers adrenaline-filled activities that go a long way toward helping you face your fear of adventure. Overcoming your fears is like lifting weights—it makes you stronger and more resilient. The zipline course, high ropes adventure course, rock-climbing wall, and whitewater rafting at Glenwood Canyon Resort will help you put fears in their proper place—under your control.

Trust Your Team

For the activity team at the Glenwood Canyon Resort Adventure Center, providing a safe and fun-filled adventure experience is their number one priority. Whether you are zipping back and forth across the Colorado River, balancing on a tight rope 40 feet in the air on the High Adventure Ropes Course or barreling through rapids whitewater rafting in Glenwood Canyon, the resort’s experienced adventure outfitters will equip you with all the necessary safety gear and provide both instruction and encouragement.

Build Nerves of Steel: Ziplining, High Ropes & Climbing Wall

What scares us is stepping out into the unknown—it’s also what’s most thrilling. If you’ve never ziplined before, you might have to build up your courage to leap from the Glenwood Canyon Zipline Adventure platform high above the Colorado River. When you do, you’ll briefly feel yourself (and your stomach) drop, then the zipline catching you and supporting your weight. Before you know it, you’ll be flying like an eagle across to where a guide awaits to ensure a firm-footed landing on the opposite platform. The High Adventure Ropes Course, with its many suspended elements, is another way to flex your mental and physical muscles. When you’re finished, you’ll feel alive, present in the moment and most importantly, like you can conquer the world!

Learn to Go with the Flow: Whitewater Rafting

If you’re the type who’s afraid to give up control or reluctant to deal with whatever life might happen to throw at you, get some practice by signing up for a rafting trip with Defiance Rafting at Glenwood Canyon Resort. The river has some life lessons to teach—pay attention, be a team player, and ride the wave to calmer waters! Expert guides will steer you through roiling whitewater in narrow chutes on the Colorado River. Even though your raft guide is a pro at reading the river, you’ll still need to do your part by paddling through rapids with names like Tombstone and Man Eater. After making it through all the holes and waves the river pitches your way, you can be confident to know that you’re better equipped to deal with even bigger challenges.

Build Fear-busting Habits this Summer at Glenwood Canyon Resort

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Things to Do in Glenwood Springs in Spring & Summer

colorado in spring

With the arrival of warmer days, the variety of things to do in Glenwood Springs, Colorado grows, especially for those staying at Glenwood Canyon Resort, the only camping and overnight accommodations in scenic Glenwood Canyon.

Rising temps not only warm the earth and foster the budding of native trees, shrubs and flowers along the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon, but longer days also provide increased opportunities for recreating and relaxing at Glenwood Canyon Resort — the premier riverside Colorado camping and cabin destination located just minutes from Glenwood Springs.

“We follow nature’s lead,” Glenwood Canyon Resort Co-owner Kathy Schneider said. “Glenwood Canyon wakes up in the spring and so does the Resort when activities like rafting and ziplining are back in play.” With the Colorado River flowing literally just steps away, water sports are a prime pastime at the camping and cabin resort, but a spike in temps also opens other possibilities for outdoor fun.

On-Site: Colorado River Rafting

Making reservations for your Colorado rafting trip couldn’t be any easier, especially for those staying at Glenwood Canyon Resort. Defiance Rafting operates on site and offers several options for whitewater thrills. Half-day trips are the most popular choice. This paddling adventure has it all—raucous rapids, laid-back floats and stunning scenery.

On-Site: Ziplining & High Ropes Adventures

Not all river fun takes place in the water—some flies high above it! For an adrenaline-pumping good time, Colorado Adventure Center offers several options, such as an Express Zip for fast fun and a Happy Hour Zip Ride that includes a post-zip food and drink discount. The Resort’s high ropes course is another option that’s fun for all ages. Test your balance and bravery!

Nearby: Hiking in Glenwood Canyon

The Jess Weaver Trail located just off-property follows No Name Creek. The tough granite rock here makes it a popular destination for climbers too. Grizzly Creek Trail is renowned for its creek-side picnic spots. The most notable trail is the one to Hanging Lake. As of May 1, 2019, permits are required for hiking. The new reservations system is easy to navigate and will help preserve this natural wonder for future generations.

Nearby: Biking in Glenwood Canyon

The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path is a 16-mile-long multi-use trail that connects Glenwood Canyon Resort with Glenwood Springs and all the sights and stops within the canyon itself. Pedal the entire length or just a portion. The paved trail follows the contours of Colorado River; it’s ideal for both road biking and mountain biking.

Nearby: Hot Springs Soaking

No visit to the area would be complete without a hot springs experience —Glenwood Springs has three to choose from: Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, a historic hot spring known as the world’s largest; Iron Mountain Hot Springs, which features 16 soaking pools of varying temperatures; and the Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves, home to the rare phenomenon of underground, vapor-filled caverns.

Even More Nearby

Need more suggestions to round out your spring and summer itinerary? Add in the following as time allows: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, a Glenwood Vaudeville Revue show, massage and spa treatments and a guided fishing trip; there’s also an array of choices for dining and shopping.

Learn more and reserve your tent, RV camping site or cabin (and soon glamping accommodations) at Glenwood Canyon Resort today.