Pet Policy


Glenwood Canyon Resort welcomes quiet, non-aggressive canine companions when arrangements are made at the time of reservation. We want our guests to enjoy the company of their well-behaved dog while on vacation. In the cabins you may have one large dog, or two small to medium sized dogs.

The resort reserves the option of limiting the number and size of pets on a case-by-case basis. All pet guests must be well groomed and up to date on shots and vaccinations. Advance pet reservations are required since our facility has limited accommodations for pets. A Pet deposit of $250 will be taken on arrival for Cabin reservations.

Glenwood Canyon Resort has limited Resort Cabins available for your pet.
Advanced reservations are required.

For the comfort of all of our guests the following pet policies apply:

  • Only dog guests who are quiet and non-aggressive toward other pets and guests are invited to the resort.  The dog owner guest hereby agrees that the resort is held harmless for any loss or injury or accident suffered by your dog while a visitor at the resort. The dog owner also hereby agrees that any damage or injury caused by their dog to our property, and /or other guest pets, or to any guests is the sole responsibility and liability of the pet owner.
  • Dog guests are not to be left unattended in the cabin or camping area at anytime.  In order to preserve the peace and serenity we offer, dogs cannot be allowed to bark and disturb other guests.
  • Please keep your dog on a leash when walking them and contain them to the area around your cabin and the resort.
  • Guests accompanied by pets are responsible for cleaning up after pets  Trash cans for waste disposal are located throughout the park. Please use the plastic bags provided.
  • All dogs must sleep in their crates, carriers, or a pet bed.  Dogs are not allowed on the furniture or beds. Dogs are only allowed in the designated pet friendly Cabins.
  • There is an additional fee for our resort cabins of $25 per pet per day for your pets, to be added to your accommodation charges, to cover the costs of additional cleaning.  Your cabin will be inspected after check out and any with damages will be assessed and charged accordingly. If you are uncertain whether your dog may damage or soil the rug, we suggest you roll any rugs so you avoid being charged for professional cleaning or replacement.

Any violation of this policy will cause eviction of the pet and owner of the premise. You will be responsible for lodging costs.

You must read and sign an agreement at the time of check in at Glenwood Canyon Resort. By signing to the above agreement, you are stating that you do not hold Glenwood Canyon Resort accountable for any destructive, harmful, or any other wrong behavior of your pet that may occur during your stay.